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Pumpkin Patch by LaGunn

This is a neat illustration with excellent coloring used to show texture. It's easy to identify the smooth pumpkin skin, the gnarly stems, and the soft dirt. The two carved pumpkins add a cute touch, and the expression of the larger one is what caught my eye first. The small details, like the nail on the sign post and the indents on the pumpkins also make a great difference.

The whole image is a bit unsaturated, however I am unsure if that is because of a scanner, or if it really does look like that in real life, or some other reason. The white lines on the stem of the large jack-o-lantern feels out of place because they aren't particularly close to a light source, and even then there is a lack of highlights that lead up to the bright shine. I also find it a bit odd that none of the pumpkins are attached to a vine despite all the thick branches I see, but that isn't a big concern.

While many a pumpkin patch has been depicted before, this one has the added mystery of 'who carved those pumpkins,' a fitting night setting and a mischievous jack-o-lantern make this an enjoyable Halloween sight.
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